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We bring life to roofs and walls

Green roofs are rooftop gardens, designed for a specific, significant purpose. Green walls are walls covered with plants and their growing medium, and green facades are a different type of vertical garden, where a wall is designed for climbing plants.

Green roofs, walls and facades are all examples of green infrastructure, and they all help bring nature back to the city. Bringing nature back is our mission. Do it on the Roof designs, installs and maintains green infrastructure, including innovative prototypes (and that's not all we do - see About Us for a run through).

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Impact beyond your site

How does what you do on your site affect the world around you? You can make your green infrastructure valuable well beyond your own property. If you're interested in protecting local waterways, contributing to local biodiversity, or helping tackle the urban heat island effect, contact us to take a bigger picture approach to green infrastructure.

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