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Do it on the Roof is on a mission to bring nature back to cities. It all began in 2011, as a campaign to create public green roofs in our home city, Melbourne. In 2014 we entered the market as a business, to Do it ourselves.

We now pursue our mission by designing, installing and maintaining green infrastructure. Not only green roofs - we also Do it on the wall (green walls and facades) and on the ground (raingardens, backyards, streetscapes). In fact, we create and manage gardens wherever they grow, and our installations have included prototypes of creative and innovative green infrastructure designs. We also have an online shop called Planted, for those who like to Do it in a more basic way.

We like to lead, too. We have an exciting R&D program called Hot House, for which the University of Melbourne is a partner. We have produced All About Green Roofs, which is the first blueprint for managing green roofs in Australia. We publish white papers and guides for industry professionals, extending to fields such as urban food production. We are regular contributors to industry publications (and check out our blog). As consultants we deliver independent advice on all aspects of green infrastructure, which has included Expert Witness services.

Throughout all of this, our home in Melbourne remains important to us and so do our campaign origins. We are very active in delivering workshops, talks and other engagement activities. We frequently appear at events all over the city. Our work for Melbourne councils has included an audio tour called The Life of the Yarra, and we produced the winning campaign for the City of Melbourne's Green Your Laneway program. We also have creative school incursion programs to get the next generation excited about bringing nature back.

Do it on the Roof is a progressive business with a unique approach to green infrastructure and a passion for our mission. Our people are intelligent, expert, articulate, creative and innovative. We're working in every part of the green infrastructure sector because we're serious about effecting the best green infrastructure possible throughout our incredible country. We Do it like no one else.

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