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Do it on the Roof brings nature back to cities

With a unique approach to green roofs and walls 

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  • Design, Construct, Maintain

    Design, Construct, Maintain

    We design, construct and maintain gardens on roofs and walls.

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  • Products


    Want something ready made? Check out your options at our online shop.

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  • Advice, Consulting and CPD

    Advice, Consulting and CPD

    Need independent advice on a project or design? Our team of experts can help.

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  • Living Asset Management

    Living Asset Management

    Resources for green roof management and maintenance.

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  • Education and Engagement

    Education and Engagement

    From community workshops to school incursions, we talk green infrastructure.

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  • Research and Development

    Research and Development

    Scale up your impact.

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  • Latest blog post: Adding Value to Venues

    We talk to Adam Bunny (Loop Director) about how green infrastructure is adding value to his venues in the Melbourne CBD.

  • Publications

    A selection of articles by, or featuring, Do it on the Roof.

  • Planted Products

    Visit our new online store.

  • All About Green Roofs

    The first blueprint for taking care of Australian green roofs.

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